Tips for Pet Boarding

It’s always difficult to leave your dog behind if you are leaving on vacation, but sometimes it is necessary. To help you as well as your pup endure your time and effort apart, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure everything is organized so that whenever you leave, you understand your pup is well-cared for.

Some individuals might choose to leave their pets with a member of family or a pet sitter, as well as others may have someone come and manage their pet, but if you opting for to board your dog at a pet hotel or kennel, there are some things you need to understand first.

Do Your Research
Before you choose where you can send your dog for boarding, it is essential to do some thorough research to be sure to find the appropriate one. Brimhall says, “It is another environment for the pets, which means you need to do your homework on each potential pet resort to ensure they’ll be as comfortable as is feasible.” She recommends calling up each pet boarding facility and asking lots of questions about their services and what your pet’s itinerary will be like throughout their stay. When you have a high-energy dog or an anxious dog, you will need a facility that offers doggie daycare, where your pup will get to go out and play with either the staff or other dogs. This can help reduce pent-up energy that can turn into boredom or anxiety and lead to destructive behavior.

Even if you have a cat, you should still consult with the staff at your pet hotel the type of toys and interactions they offer for your feline throughout the day. The change in environment can be stressful for cats, so that it is always better to make sure your cat will receive regular stimulation each day. (Don’t forget to ask if pet daycare is roofed in the price of boarding or yet another cost. You don’t desire to be caught off guard when you obtain the bill.)

This way you can discuss your pet’s specific needs and ensure that they can accommodate them appropriately. She further remarks, “If your dog is suffering from sound aversion issues and requires extra care during thunderstorms or loud events, you should discuss this with the staff and have them what strategies they have got in location to help pets with those kind of issues.”

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Moreover, “If your dog has special medications they are dependent on, it is imperative that you discuss this with the staff before your pet’s stay.”

Make Sure Your Pet is Prepared
There would be nothing worse than turning up your day you are leaving and dropping off your pet, only to find out that they do not have the correct vaccinations because of their stay. That’s why it is always important to check with any pet boarding facility about their vaccination requirements and make sure your pet is current and in compliance.

KEEP Goodbyes Quick and Happy
When it comes to dropping your pet off, don’t make a large fuss. While you may well be sad or anxious about leaving your dog in a pet boarding facility, it is important to keep a happy and calm.“It is important not to coddle your dog or execute a prolonged goodbye when leaving them at a pet hotel. Pets can sense your anxiety and change in behavior, and it can make sure they are feel anxious and nervous in what is going on.” She elaborates by saying that if you baby your dog when leaving them, it can trigger separation anxiety and cause destructive behaviors that produce pet boarding a stressful experience on their behalf.

Discuss Your Pet’s Needs With all the Staff
Despite having already talked with the staff about your pet’s needs and the procedures in spot to ensure that your pet is getting the proper care, it is still essential to go over your pet’s food, medications and any behavior quirks that your dog may have. You want to make certain that you have obviously communicated everything your pet needs and that the staff doesn’t have any questions for you.

Brimhall has a few recommendations as it pertains to preparing your pet’s food for your pet resort. While she acknowledges that if your dog is staying longer than 5-7 days, this might not be feasible, “It really is nice to acquire your pet’s food pre-portioned into little plastic baggies so there is not a doubt about how precisely much food your dog should be getting.” To greatly help portion your meal, you may use the OurPets Metal Pet Food Scoop to make sure that your pet gets the right amount of food. Brimhall’s golden rule for any pet hotel stay is, “Pack extra!” You never know what could happen in the foreseeable future; travel plans can transform, flights can get canceled and accidents happen, so that it is better to prepare yourself and always pack a little extra food for your dog.

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Like that, the staff knows that if your dog has irregular stools or diarrhea, it is not an instantaneous cause for concern. The staff can also keep an eye on your pet’s stool to monitor the progression of these issues and take the correct actions to help your dog. Contact here

She recommends having clear instructions along with obviously labeled bottles, and, if you prefer, you can use a Monday-Sunday pill organizer to be sure your dog gets their medicine at the correct times. Once more, she states your pet resort golden rule, “Pack extra!” The very last thing you want is made for your travel plans to get organized and for your pet to perform out of these much-needed medication. It will always be easier to err privately of caution.

Special Items
When you have packed some essential, special items which your pet might need using situations, or because of their comfort, you should notify the staff about them and plainly clarify under which circumstances they should be used. Types of this can include a ThunderShirt for your dog or cat, or any dog calming chews or dog calming collars they could need at night or during loud events.

Behavior Quirks
If your dog has behavior quirks-like being food protective, toy protective, nervous, having separation anxiety or social anxiety-the staff can be sure to keep a particular eye out for your dog during playtime to make sure they are safe.

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